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General plan of the law classification

presented by Cambaceres to the Convention

The government is the principal idea to which one brings back all the law; it is the exercise of the power which belongs only to the People and which it delegates to his representatives.

Legislation base
Declaration of the rights

First principle : to sacrifice the most symmetrical method, when it results in detaching in a manner a provision or law which supplement it

Second principle : never not to divide, to preserve the greatest regularity, of the provisions which is cleared up by their bringing together.

First part : the organization of the government law Second part : law suitable for the action of the government Third part : law relating to the means or force of the government
I : Constitution
II : Government law
III : Emigrants law
IV : Foreign relations law
V : Penal law
VI : Civil law
VII : Civil procedure law
VIII : Civil administrations law
IX : Agriculture law
X : Sciences & Arts lawts
XI :
Construction law
XII : Trade law
XIII : Provisioning law
XIV : Roads & channels law
XV : Transports, post & communication law
XVI : Monetary law
XVII : Public helps law
XVIII : Public instruction law
XIX : Military law
XX : Marine & Colonies law
XXI : Armement law
XXII : Fortifications law
XXIII : National domains law
XXIV : Forests law
XXV : Tax law
XXVI : National Treasury law
XXVII : Public Debt law
XXVIII : Accountancy law

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