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Cambaceres settles in Paris on September 10,1792. He resides first of all at the hotel of Bearn, Feydeau street with an colleague of Herault, Claude Dominic Fabre. After the departure of this to the Eastern Pyrenees army, Cambaceres moves in Favart street, then with at 31 Chabanais street and finally at 5 Ancienne-Comedie street
5 Ancienne-Comedie Street
The Palais-Royal
The theater of the Varietes
The evening, he attends assiduously the theatres (Varieties, Opera…) and walks in the gardens of the Palais Royal.
High place of the pleasures of Paris, the Palais Royal has a garden in which the Parisian ones come to stroll: one finds there shops, restaurants, coffees and of course of the gambling dens and houses known as of “tolerance”.


In 1699, the Master of the requests, Joseph-Guillaume de Vieuxville, makes build at the site of current the n°13 place Vendôme, his private mansion. This hotel is acquired later by the financier Poisson de Bourvallais. In 1716, after this arrest for speculation of State revenues, the hotel becomes property of the Crown which allots it to the chancellor of France: it is since the seat of the ministry of Justice.
On July 20,1799, Cambaceres is named Minister for Justice. He settles Vendôme square until on December 15,1799.
Office of the Minister of Justice
Cambaceres's desk


In 1722, the marshal of Roquelaure makes build at the site of current the n°246 St-Germain boulevard, his private mansion. He is sold in July 1740 to Mathieu-François Mole, first president of the Parliament of Paris. Seized in 1793 after the arrest of its owner (executed in 1794), the hotel is transformed into asylum of scabious then returned to the Mole family in 1796.
Main courtyard
The perron
The hotel seen of the gardens
In 1808, Cambaceres acquires of the Roquelaure hotel and the Lesdigueres hotel which is contiguous for him for the sum of 420.000 F (330.000 F for the Mole hotel and 90.000 F for the Lesdigueres hotel ). He resides here until his departure for the exile in 1816.
The hotel is sold the same year at the duchess of Penthievre. Affected at the Council of State in 1832, the hotel of Roquelaure is the seat of the Ministry of Equipment since 1840.


The Bragelonne hotel
Gardens of the Bragelonne hotel
St-Thomas d'Aquin church
Tomb at the Pere-Lachaise cemetery
In 1816, Cambaceres buys with his friend general Andreossy the Bragelonne hotel located at 21, University street. This hotel built in 1639 for Thomas de Bragelonne, first president of the Parliament of Metz, shelters from now on services of the ministry for the Economy and Finances.
Cambaceres resides here from his return of exile in 1818 to his death in March 1824. His funerals take place with the St-Thomas d'Aquin church, he is buried in the Pere-Lachaise cemetery.


Cambaceres is with the Grevin museum since 1900: one can see it in the room of the columns among the Grevin collection.
The party of whist
It is represented playing whist (card deck, ancestor of the bridge, which is played 4 people, 2 against 2) with his colleague Lebrun, Joseph Bonaparte and Talleyrand. One can note that Cambaceres and Lebrun wear the red dress: official uniform of the Consuls of the Republic.

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