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At the end of 1792, Cambaceres leave Montpellier, its birthplace at the 39 years age. It returns there only only once at the time of an official voyage in 1807.
The native house
Aniane House
White Penitents's Church
Many places carry still today the trace of Cambaceres :
- Chabaneau square, the building built in the place of his native house carries a plate,
- the house of Aniane which he occupies with his friend of Aguesseau and in which is founded the Constitution's Friends Society of Montpellier, ,
- Jacques Coeur street, the White Penitents's Church, seat of the brotherhood, whose Cambaceres is the prior.


 Frontage of the law courts
The statue of Cambaceres
Ceiling coming from the palate of the Court of Aides (disappeared today)
Rue Foch is drawn up imposing it law courts of Montpellier. Under the peristyle, one can admire a statue of Cambaceres and inside is a vestige of the palate of the Court of Aides : a table representing Hercules embanking the vice one and protecting Languedoc.


Frontage of the Hotel, at Canourgue square
Court of the Cambaceres hotel
Sight of the main staircase
Another sight of the main staircase
While walking you place of Canourgue, you can see a plate indicating “Cambaceres Hotel”. This hotel was built in 1723 per Jean Giral for Dominic Cambaceres, chief of the branch of Restinglieres become later Montlaur de Murles by marriage.
On its site rose the family residence which Dominic Cambaceres had inherited. This beautiful building of the 18th century, where forever resided Cambaceres, however deserves a visit for the superb main staircase (see opposite).


Water tower of Peyrou
Fountain, at Comedy square
It is in 1766 during his mandate of mayor, that the work of drinkable water conveyance is completed. Montpellier is equipped with a water tower surrounded by a park : the walk in Peyrou, and several fountains, of which at Comedy square.

20/08/06 - Emmanuel Prunaux