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Located in the canton of Castries (close to Montpellier), the field of Saint-Drezery includes a castle of the XVIIeme century transformed into monastery (partially destroyed by fire on August 2,1790), as well as buildings, arable lands, vines, wood… Belonging to the chapter of the cathedral of Montpellier, it is the vacation resort of the clergy montpellierain. During his youth, Cambaceres remains there of many times on holiday with his uncle Etienne-François de Cambaceres, archdeacon of Montpellier.
In 1791, it is sold like national good by the municipality of Montpellier (estimated 22.736 livres 10 sols). Vice-president of the town council, Cambaceres which cannot become purchaser of Saint-Drezery, is thus useful himself of a figurehead to buy the field. Saint-Drezery is allocated 50.100 livres on January 4,1791 to Mr Claris, prosecutor in Montpellier, which resells it to Cambaceres on January 12,1791 for the same amount. With its death, Cambaceres bequeaths the castle to the cathedral of Montpellier.
Sight of the castle

Sight of the castle
Sight of the castle and the footbridge
Back of the castle
The castle and the town hall at the beginning of the 20th century
The castle and the town hall currently
I thank the town hall for Saint-Drezery for the photographs and the documents on the castle of Saint-Drezery.

20/08/06 - Emmanuel Prunaux