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Cambaceres cream-soup

To make velvety poultry by adding the carcass and the thighs of a pigeon, the wings being reserved to make quenelles.
(Proportion: 1,5 L of poultry soup to wet russet-red made of 60 G butter and 50 G rice or wholewheat flour.)
To cook in the this velvety thighs and the carcass of the pigeon.
After cooking to pass the velvety one to cheesecloth, to finish it with 75 G of shrimp paste ; to lastly add 2 or 3 spoonfuls of fresh cream and 50 G of butter.
To furnish soup with small quenelles of pigeon and crayfish half-tails.

Cambaceres escalope of foie gras

To peel apples, to remove them from their pips and to just cook them with a spoonful of water and a lemon juice. As soon as cooked, to pass them finely to carry out a compote without sugar.
To make the croustades in moulds from 5 to 6 cm in diameter and to cook them with white. At the time to be useful, those will be furnished with stewed apples and will be surmounted escalope of foie gras.
To detail the escalope foie gras of approximately 80 G if it is fresh. To season salt slightly spiced, and of pepper (very little) ground fresh; to pass to the flour then to jump to butter, to turn over quickly and place on the pies. If it is about a preserve foie gras to the naturalness, to make it heat in its grease, then to drain it and cut it in sections. Lay out at once on the pies furnished with stewed apples.
In one or the other of the cases napper very slightly madeira sauce. In presenting out of saucer, with share.

Cambaceres eup of foie gras

To sink a dome mould, buttered with rings of large poached macaroni, held a little firm.
These rings one half-centimetre thickness will be cut, and the interior will be filled with dependent truffle mashed potaties with a little poultry joke. When the mould is dark; to paper the interior of a layer of poultry joke added with truffle mashed potaties; to put at soft furnace a few minutes to poach the joke.
To reduce half 2 decilitres of sauce Bechamel sauce, added with 3 spoonfuls of gasoline of poultry and as much of truffle gasoline; to mix with this sauce 250g poached macaroni, divided into sections of 3 centimetres length, and approximately a decilitre of mashed potaties of truffle and mashed potaties of foie gras drawn from the ornaments.
To mix the whole well.
To furnish the drinking cup with this macaroni laid out in layers, alternated thick escalopes of foie gras poached in Madeira and truffle blades. To supplement the drinking cup by a layer of joke; to poach with the bain-marie, by counting 45 minutes for a mussel of the capacity of one liter.
To let rest during a few minutes before unmoulding, then to reverse the drinking cup on a round dish and to surround it by cord Perigueux a sauce.
To be used for share a of the same saucer sauce.

Cambaceres cup of lobster

(not currently available)
Nota Bene : this dish was served the 03/05/1906 during a reception given by the President of the Republic Armand Fallières in the Elysee Palace. (Menustory)

Cambaceres salmon trout

To choose a male trout preferably; to clean and withdraw hearing from them. To then remove the skin on one on the sides, by leaving some about 2 centimetres on the side of the head and 5 centimetres on the side of the tail.

To prick the flesh exposed with truffle and cut red of carrot in plugs; then to pose trout on the belly, a spread out towel and, using a knife slicing, to detach the two nets, on each side of the edge, since the birth of the head until the round part where the tail starts.

The edge being thus released, to divide it with scissors, at the two ends, and to remove it with all the edges on the sides which are adherent there. to then withdraw the intestines which had remained in fish; to clean the interior of this one; to season the nets internally and to furnish the medium with joke raw Muslin of crayfish.
To bring closer the two nets in order to reform trout; to cover thin bacon bards and to braise it with the wine of Sauternes.
When cooking is at point, to withdraw the bards; to freeze trout; to draw up on the dish of service and to surround it by alternate bouquets of morels jumped to butter; milts with the miller.
To be used for share a sauce Bechamel sauce fine, added with the bottom of braisage of trout, passed and reduced, and finished to the shrimp paste.

Cambaceres lamb

(not currently available)
Nota Bene : this dish was served the 04/04/1930 during a voyage in Nantes of the President of the Republic Gaston Doumergue. (Menustory)

Cambaceres poulard

(not currently available)
Nota Bene : this dish was served the 20/09/1901 during a reception given by the Tsar Nicolas II in the castle of Compiegne in the honor of the Prime Minister Waldeck-Rousseau and the Foreign Minister Delcassé . (Menustory)

Cambaceres turbot

(not currently available)

Cambaceres pineapple

To carry out one blanc-manger with pistachios: to put 4 gelatine sheets in cold water to soften them. Mixer 250g of pistachios and reduce them out of powder. Add 2 water DLL and mix 1 more minute. To pour 35cl milk in a pan, add 100 G of sugar and make heat 5 minutes.
Add then the powder of pistachios, mix and carry to boiling. Withdraw fire and filter through Chinese above an other pan while pressing to extract all milk. Pose the pan on a soft fire. Carry again to boiling.
Withdraw fire, add the drained gelatine sheets and mix. Pour this preparation in a edge mould, let cool and reserve for the refrigerator at least 2 hours before being useful.
To peel and cut out pineapple; then to cook the pieces in a syrup with kirsch.
To present white-to eat it surrounded by pineapple with in the medium a frost rosy chopped in small pieces, and on the edge some crystallized cherries.

03/09/06 - Emmanuel Prunaux