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Cambaceres leaves only one made painting of alive(the painting of Schopin dating from the Second Empire) : this one was given by Cambaceres to Joseph-Basile Ducos, regent of the Bank of France. This painting is lost today.
One knows two small portraits carried out with the pencil by Frederic de Houdetot, when he was auditor at the Council of State and an anonymous watercolour found with a letter in the files of the Bank of France.
Cambaceres at the Council of State (1806)
by Frederic-Christophe of  Houdetot
(Concile of State)
(Bank of France)


Second personality of the State after Bonaparte, Cambaceres very often appears in the tables illustrating the imperial legend : in particular in the collection of the Museum of French glories in Versailles.
Three consuls : Bonaparte, Cambaceres et Lebrun
according to Vengorpe

(National Library)

Installation of the Council of State at the Palate of Small-Luxembourg on December 25,1799
by Couder

(Museum of Versailles)

First distribution of the crosses of the Legion of Honor by the Emperor on July 14,1804

by Debret

(Museum of Versailles)

Crown of the Emperor Napoleon and Josephine in Notre-Dame of Paris on December 2,1804

by David

(Louvre museum)

Oath of the army after the distribution of the Eagles in the Field of Mars on December 5,1804

by David

(Museum of Versailles)

Cambaceres, Great-dignitary of the Empire
by Schopin

(Museum of Versailles)

Delegation of the Romain Senate offering his homages to the Emperor on November 16,1809
by Goubaud

(Museum of Versailles)

Church wedding of Napoleon with the Archduchess Marie-Louise on April 2,1810
by Rouget

(Museum of Versailles)

Napoleon introduces the King of Rome at the Great-dignitaries of the Empire

by Rouget

(Museum de Versailles)

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