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Letter addressed to??? , Minister for Finance concerning the seizure of goods of smuggling.

10,064 D3

Paris, the thermidor 29 year 7th of the Republic one and indivisible

The Minister for Justice

To the Minister for Finance
(2° Division, 1° Section, Gr f 92°12)

The Director of the Jury of the District of Pontarlier, Department of Doubs, actually consulted me, dear colleague, on the question which is the subject of your letter of the 16 this month. I forward to you the copy of the answer that I made him the 14 of this same month.

Hello and fraternity

Paris, thermidor 14 an 7th

The Minister for Justice
To the Director of the Jury of District of Pontarlier, Dept of Doubs.

The estimate whose the article speaks about the law about prairial 11 (...), having for goal to fix the share of the fine which, according to the law of the brumaire 10 of year 5, must be triple value of the confiscated goods; it is necessary that it is done according to the legal forms; thus condemned which still has interest with this estimate under the report/ratio of the fixing of the fine, must name an Expert of his share, and fault by him of naming some, it must be named of it one of office by the Court. The managers of the customs have also faculty to name one of them, and if the two Experts do not agree, the Court will name an Third Expert to decide between them; the challenge of the Experts, can also take place, according to the forms and within the given periods of time by the Ordinance of 1667 which, not being repealed in this respect, must continue to have its execution, with regard to the commissioner of the executive Directory, it does not have any function to fill, at the time of the operations of the Experts; but it must be heard on all the points on which the Court has to pronounce. Signed Cambaceres
For copy certified

The Minister for Justice

20/08/06 - Emmanuel Prunaux